November 19,

Last night I went to one of my first big outtings in A WHILE! I got free tickets to go to a concert thrown by Fresh Empire that featured DJ So Hype and Miss Mulatto. My sister and I were screaming when the guy told us about the tickets in the first place. I was so excited about it that when I got home, that that night I ordered tickets for my sister, a couple friends, and I to go.

Well it was last night and I had a blast! We danced A LOT, took pictures, listened to Miss Mulatto, and overal enjoyed ourselves! I stood and danced all night long. Mind you this was the longest I have stood for in a while. It didn’t start until 8 and went until 11. As well as danced. I barely danced at my 8th grade dance and was in a wheelchair at Homecoming last year, so I was proud of myself for dancing for that long. I was very proud of myself, my first big outting in a long time. God works in wonderful ways! I thankhim for giving me the strength and energy to get through last night! I also want to thank Fresh Empire for doing this for us teens! Something awesome for us to do instead of being out on the streets all night getting into trouble.


Happy Spring Break!!

Happy Spring Break everyone!

This week was pretty good and I have been waiting for today! I want to thank God for getting me through this week, I haven’t been feeling to well. God got me through this week and I am smiling at the end of the week. I am so excited to spend the next week with my wonderful family.

the text happy spring break written in a blackboard on the sand of a beach, with a filter effect



I hope everybody has a fun and safe Spring break! Whether your going out of town or doing a “staycation” have a blast! Make sure you are safe as well! I hope you all enjoy yourself! May God watch over you all everyday!