Sinus Infection

Last week I started having a sore throat and it has now turned into something worse. My immune system isn’t fully restored so we went into the clinic.

Yesterday, I came in to Children Specialty Center due to having an extreme sore throat (I could barely talk), my body was hurting all over and was very weak (I could barely stand; I needed help standing and walking), nasal congestion/runny nose/drainage, and woozy feeling. They took me back immediately. As soon as I got in the room, my mother helped me on the bed and I curled up and closed my eyes. I was feeling so sick. Grace and Arlene came in and made me smile.

Grace said, “A lot of children (from the clinic) going back to school or have siblings going to school are coming in sick.” Then, I seen the doctor. She ordered that I get a bag of fluids with an antibiotic. I also got morphine because we rushed out of the house before I was able to take my medicine. My pain was a 10. Nurse Mary and Dr. Rashid also said to stay hydrated. The doctor wrote prescriptions for antibiotics, pain medicine for my sinus headaches, and for my raised heavy medication.

When we left, my mom and I stopped to get something to eat and then came straight home. I grabbed my food, thanked my mom and went straight to my room. I ate and dozed off and slept for a couple hours. I was extremely exhausted.

Today I got up and took a shower to make myself feel better. I started my antibiotics and pain medicine last night. I feel a bit better. I am resting staying hydrated as ordered and keeping on my regimen of medicine. Thank you to all my prayer warrior for your continuous prayers. Thank you to my doctors and nurses for getting me medication. Most of all, Thank you to God and my family for being by my side and taking care of me and praying over me.