Happy Birthday!!?

October 2,

Today is my birthday! Sweet 16! I am so thankful for the 16 years of life I was given! With all i have went through, I thankful to spend this day with my family! A huge thank you to my family for always being by my side. Thank you to my parents for raising me! An a thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes. Today I am going to spend time with my family and go worship Jesus at church today and thank him for the years I was given.



Why Ranch Visit

(For some reason this blog post didn’t post so here it is from months ago.)

10/17/15, my family and I went to Serve Las Vegas. My church, Valley Bible Fellowship, does this about three times a year. The church gathers together and we go out and serve our city. We love on people and share the love of Jesus Christ with people. Today the ministries we had about six ministries. One of those ministries was Why Ranch. Why Ranch is a nonprofit youth organization providing a safe place for socially challenged children to experience personal healing through horse therapy, as written on there Facebook page. A friend of mine Gabi and her daughter went there! My mom actually knows Deanna and it was so nice to finally meet her and talk with her! We got to help clean and straighten up around the ranch and pet the horses and see all the other beautiful animals! We got to pray for the ranch and they prayed over us. I am so happy that we got to volunteer and help out around the ranch! We will definitely be back to volunteer and experience all they have to offer a t the ranch! I want to thank Why Ranch for this amazing experience today!


Upcoming Surgery

November 2015 I went to the clinic and had labs drawn. We also talked about pain management with my possible upcoming surgery. A woman named Angela came and talked to me a boy alternative methods other than pharmaceuticals. Like raki, guided imagery, patches, etc. It was so nice to meet her, my mom and I both felt a vibe from her like she was the one who is supposed to be here to help me. God brings the right people into our lives to help us, teach us, mentor us, and so much more. My mom told Angela that I operate at a pain level of a 7 all day everyday. Angela said that she has people who are at a 3 and can barely get out of bed. I give ALL the glory to God for being able to keep pushing forward. Without him I have no strength, he is my strength. My family always helps encourage me to keep pushing. God says come to me all who are weary and weak and I will give you rest. When I am weary and weak, I call on him and he carries me the rest of the way and gives me rest. Arlene my doctor answered all our questions we didn’t get answered a month ago on my three day stay clinic visit. Which I am so happy about because I have been having really bad sinus issues. So she put me on a 21-day antibiotic and gave me a nose spray. She also wants to do a CT scan of my head. She said that in my nose it is swollen on one side on a part of the nose. She is so amazing. She also got me my flu shot and my depo shot I needed.
I thank God for such an amazing team of doctors, nurses, Candlelighters crew and so many more people who have become my extended family for taking such good care of me. Also for including my family and making sure they are okay and understand everything. They are so amazing!