2k19 School Year

So it is the third week of school and i don’t really think it has set in that I am a senior. It is so amazing to have made it this far. When I was going through treatment, I remember worrying about if I would be able to make it to high school. I took it one day at a time and look where we are today! So thankful to God for the life he has given me.

Update – Drivers Test

I didn’t pass my drivers test but I am not too upset about it. Considering I have only been driving for not even 3 months, I did good. I passed all the hard stuff like parallel parking which I barely practiced the night before my test. I missed a few “simple” things like being close to the curb when making a right turn, going proper speed in a parking lot (parking lots are 5-10mph and I was doing 15), and better recognition of 4 way stops. I take the test again at the end of August.

Like I said I’m not mad I have only been driving for 3 months. Considering the things I’ve been through and overcome, I have come super far! I never even though I would be able to drive and here I am. Constantly proving myself and everyone else wrong.

Driver’s Edge

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to experience an amazing driver’s education unlike any other. Driver’s Edge is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to teaching young drivers what we aren’t being taught in traditional drivers school. I got to learn things like accident avoidance, how to respond to situations (like if my car went into a skid), and driving safely in general.  I only started driving a few months ago but this course gave me a lot of confidence being a young driver. It also taught me how to react in situations and how to be more aware of my surroundings when driving.                                                                                            There was one module where we were taught how to react if our car went into a skid. Each person in attendance got a chance to go out and try. I am my own worst critic and enemy, but without a doubt, I struggled. Before it was even my turn I was already overthinking it. My first couple rounds were terrible, but they let me redeem myself and I got to try again. I was so focused on how to steer and what to do instead of focusing on where I wanted to go and letting my hands follow. My second set of laps was so much better and I am honestly so proud of myself. I felt extremely defeated after my first set but the instructors took the time to really teach me how to do it. I even got an award for ‘Most Improved’. I would most definitely recommend this program to my friends and peers. I definitely plan on taking the course again and when my sister starts driving I think this course would be beneficial for her too.


Yesterday, June 10th, also marked three years in remission from leukemia. I never thought I’d make it past treatment or even be here to experience something like Driver’s Edge.

3 Years Marks the Spot

Junior year has come to a close and it’s crazy to think that I am now a senior. I never thought I would make it passed my diagnosis if I’m being quite honest. I am not only coming up on my senior year but Sunday, June 10th marks 3 years cancer free. I want to thank everyone for supporting me along this journey. And thank God for bringing me this far.

It ‘s Okay Not to Be Okay

So, I follow twin YouTubers named, The Dolan Twins. They are very funny and inspiring. They came out with a video on July 27, they were talking about not hiding your true feelings and acting happy when you are not.

The Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLEOLQsmX3s

It reminded me of when I used to dumb down my pain or act as if I was okay. At one point, I thought I had to be strong and be the inspiration everyone said I was. I used to feel like I was burdening people when I was in pain. Whenever I was in pain, I felt like if I said something I would ruin what we were doing. I realized that it was not good to do that. I also realized it is okay not to be okay, I am going to hurt sometimes, I am going to feel sick sometimes. I don’t know maybe it was just me who thought this way. I do want other people going through similar things or anything at all, to know that it is okay not be okay. It is okay if your not up to doing anything, its okay if you feel sick or are hurting. Don’t do what I did, for a while it caused issues. I had to figure out what I could take and use for my pain because I was hurting myself by not saying anything.

Just wanted to tell you guys this and give some advice..

An Inspiring Song

I was on YouTube the other day I came across a song called Rise Up by Andra Day, it came out  in 2015 Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwgr_IMeEgA .

It is very inspiring to me. One of the lyrics is, “I’ll rise up
In spite of the ache”. Everyday during treatment, I struggled to get out of bed, it hurt and I felt so sick. Even now, dealing with all the side effects from treatment, I don’t feel like getting up out of bed. Knowing I have my family right by me and God giving me strength each everyday helps me get up and fight through the day. I do want to say, you are not alone, you have my support. I have lost so many people through this journey, and I WILL RISE UP AND FIGHT FOR YOU AND THEM.

It’s Official…

So I had a doctors appointment with my knee doctor and we discussed whether or not I am going to have surgery. It’s official I will be having surgery on MY left knee during Christmas break, so I don’t miss any school. It is basically the same as last time, with my right knee. We still need to make the final decisions about if we’re going to use a graft or cement in my leg. Please continue to keep my family and I in your prayers as we make the final decision on what to use for this surgery.

An Updated “About Alyssa”


(I wanted to updated/add to my “About Alyssa”, because I have come so far since I have started this blog. Here are some updates.)

Hi my name is Alyssa Marie! I am now 16 years old and 6 months. As of June 9th this year, I will be 2 years out of treatment. I had Pre B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (also know as ALL) and was diagnosed on February 20, 2013. Cancer took hold of my life for the past few years, but now I am taking it back. Today I am living my life outside of the hospital, outside of the wheelchair, and beyond the chemo. I now go to public school, barely missing days. I now walk in school and everywhere else. I have accomplished so much and come so far. I have come back from all the surgeries. I have fought my way back to recovery. Now I am living each day, a day at a time. Taking advantage of every moment.

Everyday is a Blessing

This week has been so amazing! School has especially been amazing! I am so thankful to be able to wake to the beautiful morning sun each and every day. Remember each and everyday is a blessing. Enjoy everyday you are given. Especially, enjoy the people you share the day with. With all I have went through and and seen on this journey, I have learned to take everyday as it comes. I’ve learned that you can always find one bright thing in everyday. I thank God for today and for everyday after that he gives me……