My Week Summed Up

Hey guys! I’m back!

I just wanted to update you guys on my week. I haven’t had the best week. Although, God got me through! I went to school Monday, but on Tuesday morning I was getting ready for school & I started to feel sick like I was going to throw up. My mom said I need to figure out what I want to do, go to school or stay home. I didn’t want to miss school but I couldn’t make it. I chose to stay home and texted my bus driver. I went to bed and went back to sleep. After, I woke up I still was feeling sick some decided on staying home the rest of the week. On Thursday, I had a IVIG, because my immune system was low. Which really wore me out. Friday, I went to my bone doctor and he took x-rays to see how I am healing. Which is well!! We also talked about which surgery we want to do next. An here we are today, Saturday. I am worn out from the week, but I am thanking God for getting me through the week. All the praise to God! My teacher came over to help get me caught up on school work, which I really appreciated. I am almost all caught up, so that’s good! Now I am writing to you all. I hope your guys week was amazing! If not, I pray that next week it will be better. Whatever you are struggling with, may God help you through it. I love you all! I hope you enjoy your night! Hold you family tight! An thank God for all he has given to you! Goodnight!

Today Was a Great Day!

I am so thankful to God for waking me up today! I have been battling my sinus’ and because of them I haven’t been feeling well. It gives me really bad headaches from the presser on my forehead and stuffy nose/runny nose. In general, when I’ve woken up these past weeks I have not been feeling well. I thank God though, for giving me the strength to get through today. He is ultimately my strength, and I lean on him when I feel weak. Remember, God will always be there when you need him. He is with through each step of each day.

Today was a wonderful day, I enjoyed school! I am thankful that He gives me the strength to persevere through each and every day! May God be with you each and every day! May you have the strength to call on Him when you need Him. Thank Him for all He does! Have faith that He will carry you through!

What a Great Day!

Yesterday, I had a great day! Although, I didn’t feel well. I thank God for getting me through yesterday and everyday!

As I am on the bus this afternoon, I thinking about how blessed I am! An what an amazing God I have!
This morning I wasn’t feeling well, but I knew I could push through today. I asked my parents and sister to pray for me and they did. I MADE IT THROUGH TODAY! I beyond proud of myself! I give God all the glory! When I am weak and weary he carries me and he definitely did today! With all I have going on, I continue to persevere through it all! I have so much support from my loving family and friends! I thank God for you all! I thank God for being by my side every step of each and every day!