Fun Family Vacation

This past week my family and I went on vacation. It was nice not having to worry about cancer and just enjoy ourselves. God has blessed us with a trip to Disneyland from my church, Valley Bible Fellowship. I am beyond grateful!


We spent a couple days in Vegas on the strip. We went to the new chocolate shop, HEXX, and got bags of chocolate and candy. We also went to Guy Fierri’s Restaurant which is amazing and has delicious food! We also went to the Bellagio to see  the “Under the Sea” theme flowers. On our last day, we spent the day at the pool. We got a cabana. My aunt from Ohio called my dad and said she was passing through Vegas and we could see our cousins.  My cousins came to our hotel and swam with us all day and then spent the night at our hotel. I was so excited to see them we haven’t seen them in 4-5 years.

Disneyland Vacation

We left early that morning and arrived in California that afternoon. We decided to start our day with lunch at Denny’s.

We then went to get our park tickets. We would be going to Disneyland that day and California Adventure the next. None of us had been to Disneyland before. We watched fireworks and the show at the castle. It was their 60th anniversary. We went on a few rides too.

The next day we headed to California Adventure. First went to get our fast pass for the Cars Ride. The ride that was on the top of our list! We then headed to the Hotel Tower of Terror. My sister and I rode that ride and it was scarier than I thought. I love roller coasters but the video and the unexpected up and down scared us. After that we walked through the Bugs Land and road all those rides. It was so much fun! Then came the driving lesson with Autopia! It was so funny my dad didn’t know my sister was in front of him and my brother. He kept thinking, “Who is that driving so badly”! We also went and seen a couple shows and took pictures with Elsa & Anna.

Finally, it was time for the Cars Land ride! My brothers dream came true, we got to ride in the Lightning McQueen car!       The ride took us through the town and pulled up next to another car and said, “Let’s Go Racing”! My dad doesn’t like roller coasters so the hills and riding on the wall freaked him out. We won the race though!

We finished our night off with ice cream and the Rain Forest Cafe for my sisters 13th birthday. How time flies! 11701222_395843987277660_4069557619814320637_n

It was so nice seeing my family smiling and laughing. Having such an amazing time! I am so blessed with the people I love!


The Surprise of a Life Time

June 9, 2015 I went into the clinic for Pentamidine. I am now cancer free as of then.11403221_1566113260276143_2089143834910193736_n

As my nurse Jeramy finished accessing me and giving me my pre medication, Pastor Doug and Doc Jones walked in. I was extremely surprised! My mom had been out of the room talking with them . I didn’t suspect anything though because, it is usual for her to leave the room and go see other families at the clinic. When she walked in with them I had no ideal what was going on. They then presented my whole family and I with tickets to Disneyland and a one night stay at the Disney hotel! I was so speechless all I could do was smile.

With all my family and I have been through we deserve it. When we do activities we do them together, never separate. If one of my family members or I aren’t feeling well we don’t do anything at all. Because of the side affects from the chemo not going out was often.

I am so appreciative to my church – Valley Bible Fellowship and the Plus one project for doing this for my family and I. We need to just have a fun day to smile, have fun, and not think about cancer. Thank you to my wonderful church and the people who God put on their heart to help us.

Mickey Mouse and the Gang is calling. Hopefully off to Disneyland soon.

Here is the link:  Video is on youtube under Vegas Church, Plus One Minisry – Alyssa Smith