Camp Independent Firefly ’17

Camp this year was so amazing! It was my third year going to CIF and I honestly think this was the best year for me. I am so thankful to the people put this on and make all the things we get to do possible. I am so many amazing friends this year and got to see some old friends and counselors. I am kinda sad that I am graduating next year, but I definitely want to be an LIT.

Again thank you to everyone who made this possible! I had so much fun this year and its thanks to so many amazing people!

Sue – from Candlelighters

Sue is such an amazing woman! She always brings a smile to my face when I see her, even when I don’t feel well. I love her so much! She always comes to see me when I visit the clinic. She has taught me so much on how to cope and deal with the diagnosis I was given almost 4 years ago. She has seen me in my best and worst moments. An has helped and walked me through dealing with it. I am thankful to have her in my life and to know her personally. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SUE! ??

Let’s Be Real-Sharing My Feelings

So I’m just going to be real, everything isn’t all sunshine and rainbows as it may seem. I am may seem so brave and strong, but truth be told I’m not always that strong girl. Honestly, I am tired and frustrated right now. I am sick and tired of cancer! I may be done with treatment, but now I will have long term side effects for the rest of my life. Chemotherapy killed the cancer, but now I am stuck with fixing everything it messed up. I am frustrated with everything I have to endure and go through. I am tired of being in pain and taking pain medication. It wears down  my body. I have been through so much and don’t want to go through anything else. I feel like no one understands, my family gets it but at the same time doesn’t get it. Even though they don’t always get it, I thank them for their support. Whenever there is a teen scene with Candlelighters, I am not feeling well or worn out. I really need to talk to other teens that have been through what I have been through.

Right now, I really need prayer! I don’t want to go into a deep depression over this. I just really need you guys to pray for me right now. I am just going through some things. Your prayers are so greatly appreciated! I know God will help me through this, I just need to have faith in him.

Camp Independent Firefly

August 11 – 15 my siblings and I attended Camp Independent Firefly, thanks to Candlelighters! We drove up to Big Bear, such a beautiful place! (Picture: Me, My Sister, My Brother and his friend.)11836862_10206721577465382_4928185636088914936_n

This year was my sister and I’s second time and my brother first. We were known by our camp names. Me – Sweet Cheeks, my sister – Rose Blossom and my brother – Dino Jr. The YMCA staff and counselors were so inviting! As the buses drove up the drive way the sprayed them with water guns. We were greeted with excited screams and lots of beautiful and inviting smiles.

All of cabins were decorated in different Loony Toons theme and Disney  and Pixar Movie themes. My cabin was Inside Out, my sisters was Lilo & Stitch, and my brothers was The Smurfs.  11845101_10153497398971425_3114222717256282409_o



We had a game night, we went zip lining, we also played Alpha Wolf, Catch the Cartoon at night and so much more! One of my favorites we did was, The Leap of Faith, where you climb up a tree and jump off a small ledge and try to catch a bar. Some people try to do push ups while on the bar others act like they are angelic angels as the are brought down. 11838675_10207567344806782_1300218039863763049_o

On our last day we had a dance/party! Chet Buchanan was there and a DJ. There were was a photo booth for all of us to capture the memories of 2015 Camp Independent Firefly. Popcorn, Cotton Candy and Snow Cones were some of the snacks there. Chet played a video made by the camera and video crew of all of the fun we had at camp and all of the memories.

I was so happy to see my siblings smiling and having so much fun! I want to thank Candlelighters and the YMCA staff for giving all of us an amazing experience. You guys gave us an experience we will never forget. A chance to forget and diseases, disorders, and illnesses that are going on in our lives. I can’t wait until next year!

A group photo of the whole camp11855781_10207615572372441_2508262284551541147_n (1)!