*Surgery Update*

Sorry I have been absent for a couple days, I have been recovering from surgery. By the way, everything went amazing! For those who don’t know why I had surgery, I will explain..

Because of the cancer treatments and steroids they gave me, I got something called a vascular necrosis. Which essentially means my bones are dying. I have it in both my knees and my shoulder. In 2015, we had a bone graph done on my right knee. This winter, they did the exact same thing on my left knee. And then,  my shoulder ended up collapsing so we had to replace it in 2016.

Back to the surgery update.. I have been doing well since surgery. I am on a pain plan to help combat surgery pain as well as my regular pain. Although, my foot and my ankle are pretty swollen. We talked to the doctor and we are elevating it in a different way now that should help as well as icing. If it gets worse though, we will go to the ER straight away. But as of right now, we are working with our first plan.

Another thing I wanted to say was thank you for all your guys constant prayers and support. I feel as your guys love! Thank you so so so much! PLEASE continue to pray for a speedy recovery and healing.

1st Check- Up Since Surgery

In January, I went for my first check up since my knee surgery.

For all who don’t know, because of  the chemo and steroids I ended up with necrosis of my bones. My bones have started to die in both of my legs and my left shoulder is no longer there. Due to all the damage, I now need surgeries to remove the dead bone in my knees and a shoulder replacement. On December 21, 2015, I had my first surgery to correct this. We started with my right leg, because it was hurting me the most out of both of my knees.

We found out that I would be seeing another doctor at my check up because my doctor was on indefinite leave. Mr. Stewart was very nice! He checked my leg and took the dressing off. He said my incision is healing very nicely and is almost closed completely! Oh, guess what!!!!….. He also said that I could start putting a little more weight on my leg!! I was so excited to hear that all is healing well!

Without God and my amazing family, I could have never made it through all I have been through! I am so thankful and grateful! God is my strength, when I am weak and weary he carries me through. He stands by my side and is with me every step of the way! “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Lastly, I have a prayer request. I mentioned my doctor was on indefinite leave. Well, a health issue has come up and she has to take care of herself. Please, pray for her and her health! May God be by her side and watching over her as she deals with. Comfort her and her family as they walk this journey. Give all people who come in contact to help her the knowledge. In Jesus’ Mighty Name, AMEN!! I love you Dr. DeRoode!!

After Surgery Update

The 21st, Monday morning I posted this on Facebook, in the morning before I left the house for surgery: “Hey guys! Can you guys send lots of prayers up for me early this morning and all day long. I have surgery in a couple hours. I know God has this! The enemy is making me have a worried spirit but, I know God ultimately is my healer and father. He knows the plans he has for me! I put all my trust and faith in him! Jesus I call on you! Be by my side as I go through surgery today. Comfort my worried heart. I know you will take care of me and have great plans for me! Blanket my family in comfort as they have to watch patiently for me to have surgery and be released from surgery. Let us all come together to support each other in the scary time. In Your Mighty Name, AMEN!!!” image

Wednesday the 23rd, I was discharged from the hospital. I posted this on Facebook: “Hey Inspiration Warriors! It is Alyssa here. I wanted to let you guys know that I was discharged and got home a couple hours ago. I have been getting situated in the house and getting comfortable. Took my medication. I got a sharp pain but caught it before it got really bad. Now I am just soar from surgery. I am also sleepy but, glad to be home! I praise God for letting me be able to be home with my wonderful family and having great doctor and nurses! Have a great night! Get some rest, I will be getting some much needed rest.”

Surgery went very well. While in the hospital they had a Physical Therapist came in and helpd me walk with a walker. I don’t  have any strength in my left arm and my leg needs the same surgery the right got. So I really didn’t have much to work with. My right arm has lots of strength so they got me a right handed walker. I can put very little weight on my right leg (the one that had surgery). I walk with the left foot first, then push off lightly with the right and hold on to the walker. It felt good to be up and walking but my leg was super sore. I did get the hang of it though. I have to make sure I keep the strength in my legs.

As of now I am still very sore. I am home with my family and that is all that matters! I was able to be home for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I was really worried that I wouldn’t be. I thank God that everything went well. God is so good!

image     I thank you all who prayed and are still praying for me. I still have six months of healing. I  also have more surgeries to go to fix what the chemotherapy  and steroids caused. There is power in prayer! God has taken care of me and always will. I am thankful to my family for helping me through this and being by my side. Please continue to pray for me! All prayers are welcome.